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Public Health Culture

Join Leonore Okwara, MPH as she discusses public health research, initiatives, and how to engage the community in it all.

Feb 3, 2021

Theresa Alphonse, MPH is a Public Health Professional, Educator, and Writer. She has a public health focus on community health, health equity, working with the population who receives Medicaid, and immigrants. She is the Founder and Executive Director of What’s on Your Mind, A Nonprofit 501c3, whose mission is to normalize conversations around thoughts, emotions and feelings in communities of color. She started What’s On Your Mind five years ago because she wanted to get down to the real issues of the community. So she went out and started having conversations with people, and as it grew, so did the services, events, and offerings making big impacts in communities. What’s On Your Mind does street outreach, workshops, active listening sessions, and a podcast.  A true renaissance woman, she’s also a poet, a performer and an Airbnb host. 

In This Episode We Cover:

- What her nonprofit work focuses on: mental health, self-care, and mindfulness.

- The next new exciting chapter in What’s On Your Mind’s work.

- Her work as a Health Equity speaker and how it has evolved.

- How she created health equity committees and why they have been so successful. 

- Her key strategies for engaging with the community.

- The importance of your own self-care.

- How therapy has been a great support in her life.

Advice for Public Health Professionals:

If it’s your passion, go for it! Jump in and see what you like.


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