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Public Health Culture

Join Leonore Okwara, MPH as she discusses public health research, initiatives, and how to engage the community in it all.

May 12, 2021

Leonore Okwara, MPH is CEO and Founder of Public Health Research Consulting, and host of the Public Health Culture Podcast. She helps researchers meet the unique needs of the community and the funders in two ways: 1) hosting community engagement in research webinars and trainings to equip researchers with strategies on building community trust in research, and 2) providing program management trainings to help researchers manage their grant-funded research studies with ease.

Joyee Washington, MS, MPH, CHES is CEO and Founder of Joyee Washington Consulting, LLC. She is a public health and education research consultant who works with communities, organizations, and institutions to help them conduct more effective research and build more impactful programs for sustainable solutions.

We are collaborating to bring an opportunity to public health students, professionals, and researchers. We are calling this a Research Roundtable, "Building community trust in research: Strategies, challenges, and lessons learned from the field."

In This Episode We Cover:

  • Our own experiences and challenges working as community-engaged researchers
  • How we build healthier communities, aim for prevention, strive for equity
  • The importance of putting public health research into action
  • Getting over your own ego as a researcher
  • How it looks to overcome challenges as a community-engaged researcher
  • How to equip the next researcher with tools to make their research impact a sustainable solution
  • The importance of sustaining the positive impact of your research and how crucial sustainability is for the community
  • The solution to building community trust in research and equipping the research community with the knowledge from other experienced researchers so that they can create more sustainable solutions in public health
  • How to register for the Research Roundtable happening on May 27th at 7pm EST 
  • The benefits of registering for the Research Roundtable: Receive a “toolbox” of research best practices so you don’t have to figure it out yourself, interactive discussion, convenience of virtual space, resource guide and worksheet, access to the recording, giveaways, and much more.

Register for the Research Roundtable here.

We are running a special of $37 until May 26th in honor of Lupus Awareness Month! If you don’t know, Joyee Washington has Lupus and shared her story on Instagram. Follow her to read her story!

We’re on Clubhouse! Join our club PH Research in Action. We have two wonderful discussions planned for the month of May.

  • Thursday, May 13th at 7pm EST, “The Community is not your fixer-upper”
  • Thursday, May 20th at 7pm EST, “You got data. Now what?”


Advice for Public Health Professionals:

Researchers, take a different perspective of your ego. You are not the community expert. 



Leonore Okwara, MPH

CEO and Founder of Public Health Research Consulting



Facebook: @publichealthRC

Twitter: @publichealthRC

Instagram: @publichealthculture @publichealthresearch



Joyee Washington, MS, MPH, CHES

CEO and Founder of Joyee Washington Consulting, LLC



Facebook: joyeewashingtonconsulting

Instagram: @joyeewashington