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Public Health Culture

Join Leonore Okwara, MPH as she discusses public health research, initiatives, and how to engage the community in it all.

Jun 30, 2021

This is it! The last episode of the Public Health Culture Podcast! In this episode, you will hear about my journey as a Podcaster and what led me to this decision. I also share other Public Health Podcasts that I enjoy.

I started a nonprofit called, the Association of Black Researchers (ABR). The mission of the Association of Black Researchers is to cultivate, highlight, advance, and advocate for a multidisciplinary community of Black researchers through the following objectives:

  • Increase knowledge in all areas of research.
  • Amplify the voice of the Black Researcher.
  • Improve research collaboration and networking.
  • Increase professional development opportunities.
  • Support Black researchers in leadership positions.
  • Create a multidisciplinary community for Black Researchers.

The Association of Black Researchers is committed to mentoring and equipping multidisciplinary researchers with professional development, scholarly experiences, and collaborative opportunities to advance in the field by providing the following services:

  • Monthly professional development opportunities
  • Quarterly networking sessions
  • Quarterly journal and book clubs
  • Annual Research Conference
  • Monthly Newsletters and email blasts with internal and external opportunities
  • Membership and Community Organization Directory

You don't have to navigate the research journey alone. Join a community to help you through it! Membership will open in Fall 2021! Join the email list ( to stay updated with everything ABR.

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