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Public Health Culture

Join Leonore Okwara, MPH as she discusses public health research, initiatives, and how to engage the community in it all.

Apr 27, 2019

Join Leonore Okwara, MPH as she brings awareness to the opioid epidemic in the African American community.

Show notes:

  1. CDC Definition:
  2. CDC Categories of Opioids
  3. CDC Opioid Epidemic
  4. HHS Opioid Epidemic
  5. CDC Prescription Opioid Overdose Data
  6. Healthy People 2020 Opioid deaths disparities overview (click the "+" next to MPS-2.4.1 and click "Disparities by race and ethnicity")
  7. Separate, unequal and overlooked
  8. The Opioid Crisis in Black Communities


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